All of our data centers comply with the highest standards for security, health and safety, environmental impact and quality to ensure our service and our results are conducted to the best of our ability.

Please review our policies for maintaining these high standards, and the induction process required for access to our sites, in the Code of Practice for Vendors.


Maintaining highest standards.

Please review our policies below for maintaining our highest standards and follow the rules set out in our code of practice for vendors. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Information security.

STACK EMEA - Nordics takes information security and its certification to ISO 27001:2023 very seriously. Our information security management system is in place to ensure business continuity and minimize the risk of damage to STACK EMEA - Nordics by preventing or reducing the impact of security incidents. It ensures that we continue to be resilient, secure and efficient in everything we do.

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The environment.

STACK EMEA - Nordics recognizes the importance of environmental protection and is committed to operating its business responsibly and in compliance with all legal requirements relating to the provision and operation of secure data center support services, disaster recovery, IT and telecoms hosting services. All visitors to STACK EMEA - Nordics are expected to support the STACK EMEA - Nordics environmental policy and not allow any actions on their part to have an adverse environmental impact and help us seek opportunities for improvement.

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Quality management.

Our mission is to provide customers with the most reliable and resource efficient IT-housing. Enabling individuals, businesses, and societies to carry out their critical digital activities. Quality management is crucial in the way we carry out our work, meeting our customers’ needs and continuously empowering businesses in the ever-changing digital world.

Therefore our reputation and capability to grow our business depends on our ability to provide products and services that are of a consistent, reliable and high quality, meeting or exceeding our customers’ needs and achieving customer satisfaction. You play a key part in the use of the services and products.

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Health, safety & welfare.

STACK EMEA - Nordics is committed to providing a safe working environment with whomever we come into contact with. We are all responsible for reducing injury and illness at work. We exercise great care in whatever we do and our business is founded on providing a safe and secure environment. Although the ultimate accountability for health, safety and welfare within the company is that of the executive management team, we encourage our people to demonstrate our “duty of care” by accepting responsibility. This helps us to prevent incidents from happening and protects all persons working within our environment.

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Cardholder induction training.

To help you understand key information when entering one of our locations you will be required to complete the cardholder induction training before access will be allowed. Your STACK EMEA - Nordics representative will provide you with a sponsor code.