Meeting Demand Responsibly

At STACK, we proactively respond to global climate and ecosystem crises by integrating environmental stewardship into our business operations.

Our Environmental Sustainability Program focuses on key pillars under which we have aligned initiatives across our global data center portfolio:

  • Carbon: Measure and reduce GHG emissions.
  • Energy: Operate efficiently and procure clean energy.
  • Water: Conserve potable water through efficiency and reuse.
  • Waste & Circularity: Use less, maximize reuse, and follow circular economic practices.
  • Land Use & Biodiversity Support natural ecosystems through habitat protection and restoration.

Commitments & Partnerships

As of 2021, STACK data centers globally are powered by 100% Renewable Energy.

We’re proud supporters of:

  • iMasons Climate Accord
  • Clean Energy Buyers Alliance (CEBA)
  • Climate Neutral Data Center Pact
  • EU Code of Conduct for Data Center Energy Efficiency


Why STACK for Sustainable Digital Infrastructure?

Sustainable Grid Mix

From wind to solar to hydro, STACK works with its clients to source the right power to accomplish the right goals. 

Relationships with Utilities & Administrations

Our due diligence includes working with regional power providers and administrations to focus on smart and responsible delivery of critical capacity.

Sustainability Built In

Water efficiency, power efficiency, and optimal cooling systems are foundational to our hyperscale portfolio, powered shells, and finished data halls. The ready-built energy efficiencies in STACK’s Basis of Design include air-cooling or combined adiabatic cooling and rain-water harvesting, reducing our reliance on public water supplies. Furthermore, our Basis of Design boasts an overall PUE target of 1.3 or below, depending on client priorities and regional climate.

Renewables Matter

Data centers play a huge role in your broader sustainability footprint. That’s why STACK shares your energy commitment through incorporating onsite renewables where available and a broader long-term strategy for reduced overall environmental impact. Worldwide, all STACK data centers run on 100% renewable energy.

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