Setting the Scene

Enterprise technology changes seemingly by the day. And since 1996, Opus Interactive has provided organizations across industries and geographies with the services, solutions, and expert insights they need to remain competitive and relevant in a dynamic global landscape.

What started as an outsourced IT department has evolved to a leading cloud services provider whose business — its magnum opus — caters to more than 500 customers in high-security, highly regulated industries like healthcare, finance, and government. But the complexity of consistently delivering scalable, secure, and cost-effective infrastructure and connectivity solutions for a diverse set of customers creates some unique challenges for the decades-old organization.

“Over the years, as our business model has evolved alongside our customers, we’ve prioritized services and solutions that can easily adapt to their changing needs,” says Shannon Hulbert, Opus Interactive’s co-founder and CEO. “Yet, with so many of our customers in the middle of digital transformation initiatives and emphasizing hybrid infrastructure, it puts extra pressure on us to make sure we have data center partners with the right mix of connectivity, security, and space to reliably meet those demands.”