The drive for sustainability is evolving as fast as the demand for capacity.

The companies we work with are changing the world. That includes the way they consume energy. STACK is as committed as they are to leveraging thoughtful, meaningful, and impactful resource strategies. 

We have a formula for reaching sustainability goals that come with delivering capacity at hyperscale. First, we think like our clients because we’ve been on their journey. We bring a unique design methodology to development. Finally, we align energy investments to regional green energy options and your strategic goals.

Why STACK for Sustainable Digital Infrastructure?

100% Renewables

STACK has pledged to operate on 100% renewables by the end of 2021 to mitigate our overall carbon footprint.

Relationships with Utilities

Our due diligence already includes working with regional power providers to focus on smart ways of delivering critical capacity responsibly.

Sustainability Built In

Power efficiency and optimal cooling systems are foundational to our hyperscale portfolio, powered shells, and finished data halls. The STACK Basis of Design has ready-built energy efficiencies including air-cooling for reduced water usage and an overall PUE target of 1.3, depending on client priorities.

Renewables Matter

Data centers play a huge role in your broader sustainability footprint. That’s why STACK shares your energy commitment through incorporating onsite renewables where available and a broader long-term strategy for reduced overall environmental impact.

Get useful details about our hyperscale, powered shell and finished data halls solutions.

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