Pursuant to announcement on March 1, 2022, this press release has been updated from the previously branded “DigiPlex” to “STACK Infrastructure,” “STACK,” or “STACK EMEA – Nordics” to reflect the current branding.

Space ear-marked to meet boom in demand for EN1627-compliant security

Oslo, NORWAY — May 11, 2021 STACK Infrastructure (“STACK”), the digital infrastructure partner to the world’s most innovative companies, today announced the availability of a completely encapsulated and highly advanced European Security Standard Resistance Class 4 physical security solution.

STACK is offering ultra-secure cages that are quick to deploy for Governments, institutions, global corporations, and other organizations that require adherence to the European Security Standard EN1627 and Resistance Class 4 (RC4) to manage and store data of extremely high importance or sensitivity. Building suitable facilities to adequately address the regulations governing these ultra-high security solutions involves significant investment and expertise. Organizations requiring these solutions now have the option of an OPEX model instead of the large capital expenditure required to build their own dedicated facilities. With certified space available in its sustainable data center campuses, plus proven and certified solutions, STACK can rapidly meet growing demand for these ultra-secure facilities.

STACK has augmented its already high security solutions to include type-approved self-contained security cage modules where the entire infrastructure including generator, dedicated independent power feed, UPS and cooling systems are encapsulated to meet these high client demands. Effectively a separately secured data center within the already secure facility, the STACK solution has been rigorously tested, rated and approved by SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden, now part of RISE. It is proven to withstand determined attacks for a longer period than required by the standard.

STACK has delivered this solution for live customers, with no downtime. Additional ultra-secure space with RC4 classification has now been completed in its Stockholm campus for new and existing customers with demands for ultra-high security. This dedicated space is ear-marked and ready-to-go for any organization requiring fast-time to deployment whilst meeting the most stringent security policies and regulations including  EN1627 RC4 as dictated by the Swedish Institute for Standards.  

“While this is not a solution necessary for every client, STACK worked diligently to engineer an ultra-high security solution where the entire infrastructure is encapsulated. Our solution retains the highest standards of efficiency and reliability for which we are renowned, whilst satisfying the needs of those clients that demand Resistance Class 4 for their data,” said Fredrik Jansson, CCO, STACK EMEA – Nordics. “With encapsulated power and cooling feeds, each secure module offers its own layer of resilience, which can be deployed at our existing data center campuses. Having exceeded these exacting security requirements stands testament to our company’s continuous efforts to deliver innovation and excellence for all our customers,” concludes Jansson.


STACK Infrastructure is a leading provider of digital infrastructure to scale the world’s most innovative companies. The Company delivers an extensive geographic footprint spanning the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia Pacific and a comprehensive suite of data center and digital infrastructure solutions, including hyperscale campuses and build-to-suit data centers (“HYPERSTACK”), immediately available wholesale colocation and private data suites (“READYSTACK”), and powered shell options (“POWERSTACK”).

With a client-first approach, unparalleled existing capacity, and flexible expansion capacity in the leading data center markets, STACK offers the scale and geographic reach that rapidly growing hyperscale and enterprise companies need.

For more information about STACK, please visit: www.stackinfra.com.

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