Pursuant to announcement on March 1, 2022, this press release has been updated from the previously branded “SUPERNAP Italia” to “STACK Infrastructure,” “STACK,” or “STACK EMEA – Italy” to reflect the current branding.

STACK Infrastructure has signed a long-term partnership to support Sky in the implementation of next-generation digital infrastructure.

 MILAN - January 11, 2022 - STACK Infrastructure (“STACK” or the “Company”), the digital infrastructure partner to the world’s most innovative companies, today announced its partnership with Sky Italia for the development of a new video processing project. STACK will provide Sky with roughly 100 high-density racks in its hyperscale data center on its Milan campus. STACK is one of few players in the Italian market capable of supporting high-density racks while maintaining maximum efficiency, flexibility, and security, guaranteeing zero downtime, and providing access control and monitoring 24 hours a day.

"We are very proud to work with Sky Italia and we expect that this first project is just the beginning of a long-term, growing relationship," said Sherif Rizkalla, CEO, Italy, STACK EMEA. The partnership provides for dedicated space to facilitate Sky’s expansion, in line with the expected increase of data colocated in STACK data centers.

 STACK will enable Sky Italia to continue providing its services, guaranteeing the highest level of reliability, scalability, and speed. Such characteristics are evermore critical for the Italian branch of Sky, as it serves as an increasingly important interconnection node for its European network, linked by fiber that guarantees connectivity to the other countries where it operates.

 Another fundamental element driving Sky’s choice to activate the partnership is STACK's continuous commitment to environmental sustainability: 100% of the energy used derives from certified renewable sources, and the company boasts a PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) well below the industry average.


STACK Infrastructure is a leading provider of digital infrastructure to scale the world’s most innovative companies. The Company delivers an extensive geographic footprint spanning the United States, Canada, Asia Pacific, and Europe, and a comprehensive suite of data center and digital infrastructure solutions, including hyperscale campuses and build-to-suit data centers (“HYPERSTACK”), immediately available wholesale colocation and private data suites (“READYSTACK”), and powered shell options (“POWERSTACK”).

 With a client-first approach, unparalleled existing capacity, and flexible expansion capacity in the leading data center markets, STACK offers the scale and geographic reach that rapidly growing hyperscale and enterprise companies need.

 For more information about STACK, please visit: www.stackinfra.com.

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