Pursuant to announcement on March 1, 2022, this press release has been updated from the previously branded “DigiPlex” to “STACK Infrastructure,” “STACK,” or “STACK EMEA – Nordics” to reflect the current branding.

Oslo, NORWAY — September 30, 2021 STACK Infrastructure (“STACK”), the digital infrastructure partner to the world’s most innovative companies, welcomes eRate AS to its Ulven facility in Oslo. Based in Norway, eRate helps brands establish and operate cutting edge mobile communication services that meet the precise needs of customers. The business selected STACK because of its unsurpassed connectivity and the vibrant ecosystem of digital partners established within the Ulven data center.

eRate supplies the complete value chain needed to become a fully-fledged mobile operator and offers an end-to-end service that allows their partners to quickly enter the market with their own branded mobile subscriptions and services. The business model makes connectivity to mobile operators, ISPs, and a wide range of digital service providers, essential and why the company chose to locate at the STACK Ulven facility. eRate moved in to Ulven during the Spring and is now fully installed and operational.

“The STACK Ulven data center in Oslo offers excellent options for connectivity which is extremely important for us. We want to be close to mobile operators as well as to the wider digital ecosystem, including connections to Microsoft Azure and AWS,” said Dr. Tarik Cicic, CTO at eRate. “STACK’s efficacy and process orientation, supported by a professional team and their new Service Portal, made our move-in process easy and confirmed our selection of STACK as hosting provider was right,” Cicic added.

Other differentiators that attracted the company include the Nordic Connect platform which expands the number of high-speed, low latency connections available by seamlessly connecting STACK’s data centers in Norway, Sweden and Denmark. Redundancy and low latency were key requirements and the data gravity, created by the vibrant ecosystem within the Ulven facility, was also a factor. eRate’s core competency is in billing and rating systems and it specializes in collection, automation, and secure handling of complex customer data, so being close to future sources of this data is a significant advantage.

Fredrik Jansson, Chief Commercial Officer at STACK EMEA - Nordics commented; “eRate has a powerful business proposition – especially at a time when so many brands are seeking to differentiate themselves by offing value-added services to their customers. We are very pleased to offer not only the high-speed connectivity that eRate requires, but the burgeoning ecosystem of forward-thinking, innovative digital brands that can become partners and customers in the coming months.”

As sustainability continues to rise up the agenda, it is important for eRate that their suppliers demonstrate robust sustainability credentials. Locating with STACK at Ulven is an important added value in this respect. STACK has heat-reuse plans through which local residential housing projects at Ulven benefit from the excess heat generated by servers in the data center.


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