Pursuant to announcement on June 30, 2022, this article has been updated from the previously branded “Safe Host” to “STACK Infrastructure,” “STACK,” or “STACK EMEA – Switzerland” to reflect the current branding.

STACK Infrastructure (“STACK”), the digital infrastructure partner to the world’s most innovative companies and leading global developer and operator of data centers, executes an innovative and colorful solution with Caterpillar at their GEN02 facility in Gland.

STACK is a pioneer in the design, construction and operation of data centers in Switzerland. We’ve brought technical and human expertise to our customers while always putting the safety of our staff and vendors first. With over 76 MVA of installed capacity across four Swiss sites, the STACK team trust Caterpillar and Avesco AG to provide turnkey standby power solutions.

The team at STACK are more aware than most of what’s involved in building an infrastructure that relies on low- and medium-voltage equipment, which includes planned expansions to 75 MW in three to four years’ time at our GEN02 facility in Gland.

In order to facilitate maintenance, ensuring speed and safety when isolating each floor of the building, STACK’s infrastructure team came up with the idea of color-coding each floor of the data center, as well as all the equipment that supports each floor, wherever it is located in the facility. This makes service and maintenance safer and faster. The team chose 24 vibrant colors, from hot pink and electric blue to the familiar Caterpillar yellow. Applied during the manufacturing process, the colorful generators turned a few heads at the Caterpillar facility as they made their way down the assembly line.

“It’s incredible how such a simple idea has added so much value to our health and safety initiatives, and as we continue to expand, we plan to implement this system across all of our facilities in Switzerland,” observed Faiz Tandon, Sales Director, STACK EMEA - Switzerland. “Caterpillar was very supportive. They share our focus on safety, and their ‘Everyone Home Safe Everyday’ initiative fits so well with our own efforts and ethos. Caterpillar understood why we needed these colors, and they made it happen.”

STACK staff and vendors are grateful for the system: not only does it simplify their working lives, but it also brightens up their day. It’s also a source of pride among staff that STACK is the only data center in Switzerland to take such a colourful approach to a common challenge.


To avoid the interruptions that power grids sometimes experience, data centers invest in backup generators that provide power during outages. Our generators provide reliable backup power for data centers all over the world, ensuring that they can store, secure and organise your data and keep you connected 24/7 wherever you are.


STACK provides digital infrastructure to scale the world’s most innovative companies. With a client-first approach, STACK delivers a comprehensive suite of campus, build-to-suit, colocation, and powered shell solutions in the Americas, EMEA and APAC regions. With robust existing and flexible expansion capacity in the leading availability zones, STACK offers the scale and geographic reach that rapidly growing hyperscale and enterprise companies need. The world runs on data. And data runs on STACK.

For more information about STACK, please visit: https://www.stackinfra.com.